Putting remote sensing into application.
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Our bottom line is that we look out for the farmer's bottom line.
Agri-Green  is a company started by farmers for farmers. Our main focus is to be the farmer's advocate in every aspect of our business. With the rising costs for fertilizer, fuel, seed and other input costs, we recognize the importance of efficiently managing input cost. At Agri-Green we understand the financial constraints on today's farming operation. The Agri-Green team is dedicated and confident that the services we provide will benefit farming operations and the cost of our services will be returned several times over to farmer's bottom line. We also realize it is difficult to keep up with the soil fertility, seed selection, pest management, weed management and the advances of technology. We are here to help! Our integrated pest management philosophy and recommendations are that of which we use in our own farming practices.

We are here to help!
Agri-Green was founded by Toby Middlesworth and Greg Clem in 2008. Today the team consists of Toby, Greg, Stan Leland, Derek Middlesworth, Nate Clem, Corbett Moses, and Gerry Conway.